Optical Profile Projector

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Product Description

EP-1 optical profile projector is designed for all kind of measurement in mould & die making, form tools making, screw manufacturing, gear manufacturing, electric, electronic and pneumatic components etc…

EP-1 High Precision optical Profile Projector Provides accurate 2D measurement for all common geometric features such as circle, line, angle, distance, intersection points etc… all measured results can be printed directly or transferred to computer for further processing.
Manufactured with top class components, under high standard of workmanship, EP-1 achieves very high measurement accuracy, the accuracy is (3+L/100)um, where L is the measured length in mm. The total contour distortion is less than 0.08%.
EP-1 equipped with the ES-10P measuring system to assure high accuracy measurements and provide easy operations.


casting frame

High stability machine casting
TO avoid deformation caused by internal stress of metal casting, in additional to normal internal stress release process by tempering, all EP-1’s castings are further stress released by computer controlled vibration stress release. This process assure high stability and long lasting measuring accuracy.



guided rails

High precision linear guided rails

The high precision linear guided rails are used in all X Y Z Axes movement to provide high straightness movement and consequently high measurement accuracy.



transmission system

Robust friction transmission system

To avoid the used back-lash problem in normal lead screw transmission system, rod base friction transmission systems are used in EP-1’S XY movements. This solution provides excellent smooth, sensitive and back-lash free positioning that assure easy & precise measurements.  



Data Processor: ES-10(Standard on EP-1510)

  • 3 points circle measurement
  • Points measurement
  • 2 points distance measurement
  • 2 points form a line measurement
  • 2 lines intersection measurement
  • 4 points line intersection measurement
  • Point line perpendicular projection


Data processor: ES-12

Data Processor: ES-12

The most advanced digital display for optical profile projector, the market leader.

  • Basic measurement functions: point, line, angle, circle, ellipse, distance, angle, intersection
  • Pattern measurement function: Midpoint, circle tangent lines, line circle intersection, circles intersection, mid-line
  • Multi-language support, including English, French, Italy, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Czech.
  • Display characters and background color can be changed
10x, 20x, 50x lens

10x, 20x, 50x lens


ModelEP-1 1510EP-1 2010EP-1 2515
Table dimensions 300×170mm 350×170mm 420×250mm
Glass dimensions 175×127mm 230×120mm 290×190mm
X measurement travel 150mm 200mm 250mm
Y measurement travel 100mm 100mm 150mm
Z focusing travel 90mm
XY readout resolution 0.001mm
Axial measuring accuracy (3+L/100)um
Screen diameter 315mm 415mm
A readout range 0-360 degree
A readout resolution 0.01 degree
Max. Contour distortion 0.08%
Magnifications Lens 10×, 20×, 50×