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  • Surpply the Special Cutter according to the Drawing from the Customer
  • designing according the requirment
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  • Double Margin desin improves accuracy and surface finish along with increased strength for aggressive drilling
  • Specialized self-centering notched point enliminates the need for spot drilling decreasing thrust and deflection
  • Engineered edge protection improves edge strength and reduces edge fatigue allowing for increased feed rates
  • Recommeded for materials≤56HRC
  • Suitable for Stainless Steel,Titanium,Non-ferrous,Hardened steels,Low carbon steel
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  • Best Choice for Stainless Steel,Titanium Alloy,Preciptation Hardening Stainless Steel
  • Also Suitable for Alloy Steel(HRC<45),Grey Cast Iron,Copper Alloy and Common Steel(HRC25)
  • Ball Nose End Mill,Corner Radius End Mill can be Choiced
  • TiN,TiCN,AlTiN coated can be choiced
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  • High performance helix and higher rake
  • Provides a higher shearing action with superb workpiece finish
  • The best choice for using on Aviation Aluminum Alloy(Si<9%)
  • Also suitable for Copper Alloy and Nicle Based Alloy
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  • Applicable to Grahite and Non-Ferous Metal
  • Symmetrical end gashing for exellent balance at high speeds and aggressive plunging capability
  • Open fluting for deep slotting and profiling
  • Ball Nose design ideal for finishing operations in complex workpieces
  • Enhanced Corner geometry with tight tolenrance corner radii
  • The coating surface hardness:HV11000
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  • Widely used in the mold and Die industries
  • Excellent for Hardened Steel HRC56-62
  • 6 Spiral angle blade design can minimize the cutting load when machining
  • Powerful perfect when cutting blade is rigid extended tool life at extreme cutting speeds and feeds
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  • Designed for Titanium Alloys
  • Also suitable for Stainless Steel and Preciptation Hardening Stainless Steel
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  • For heavy Stock removal in deep slotting and Side cut applications where high metal removal rates required
  • For use in a variety of ferrous and Non-ferrous materials
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