400mm Optical Tool Presetter

300mm and 600mm also available.
400mm Optical Tool Presetter - Model B
BT50 included, other adapters are optional. This item is special order. Will deliver in 60 days after receive order.
SKU: MT140102

Product Description

The 400mm optical tool presetter is intended for improving efficiency of CNC machining center, it has the advantages of being easy-operating with high precision, the whole presetting process (for example, measurement for compensation length, diameter etc.) can keep going on without need to stop CNC machining center for tool presetting, so even if you have many CNC machining centers, you only need one 400HR to do all workshop’s presetting work. 

Read the radius and angle directly from screen

Functions of multi-functional digital measuring system

  • Resolution 0.001mm
  • Up to 99 measuring memory
  • Linear and non-linear error compensation
  • RS232 I/O interface
  • Absolute/increment measurement
  • Inch/mm switch
  • Return to Zero
  • Circle/radius measurement
  • Angle measurement
  • Length measurement
  • Built-in printer

Measuring length for Spindle 400mm
Measuring length for diameter 400mm
Measuring system high precision glass scales with 0.001mm resolution
Screen Φ110mm, fixed and rotatable reticules on the screen can directly read out the radius and angle of the cutters
Magnification 20X
Accuracy ≤4um
Standard spindle BT30/40/50 or HSK63/80/100
Adapter(optional) BT30/BT40, BT30/BT50, BT40/BT50, HSK63/BT50, HSK80/BT50, HSK100/BT50